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The Tolmen Centre is at the heart of village life in Constantine, Cornwall. Many residents and friends enjoy events here; a wide and loyal audience has developed for the varied arts programme, and the Centre has built up an excellent reputation in the Comish arts community.

Miracle, Cube, Cscape, and Pipeline theatre companies are regular visitors both to perform and to develop new work.


The popular Café Tolmen is open for meals from 6pm whenever there’s an event at the Centre.

The Tolmen  Centre  is a not-for-profit organisation entirely run by volunteer help – no-one gets paid for their time. This creates a rather special ethos around the place – and allows us to be ambitious in what we promote and undertake.

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Friday 29th July 7:00pm

BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions


Broadcast live from the Tolmen Centre.

It’s your chance to ask a question and influence debate on the popular Radio Four programme. Free entry. Pre-booking essential.

Saturday 3rd September 7:30pmCafé Tolmen Open

Ten Strings And A Goatskin


Hailed on two continents as” infectious” and “the best of contemporary/traditional Celtic music” Ten Strings And A Goat Skin is a bilingual trad/folk/fusion trio, playing Irish, Acadian, French and original creations infused with modern and world rhythms. The band creates a fiery, contagious and unique sound which leaves audiences wanting more.

Venue open 1800h
Café meals must be pre-booked by phone 01326 341353.
Performance starts 19.30 prompt.

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Sunday 6th November 7:30pmCafé Tolmen Open

Will Kaufman’s Woody Guthrie Show


Hard Times and Hard Travelin’

The world’s leading expert on Woody Guthrie…as good an interpreter of Woody’s music as you’ll find. Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travelin’ sets Guthrie’s songs in the context of the American 1930s – the Dust Bowl, the Depression, the New Deal and the state of popular music itself.

Such hard-hitting songs as “Vigilante Man”, “Pretty Boy Floyd” and “I Ain’t Got No Home” are brought into conversation with other relevant songs – from Joe Hill’s “The Preacher and the Slave” to “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”. Altogether the show highlights the blending of music and radical politics that marks Guthrie’s most powerful work.

Venue opens 6pm for meals which must be pre-booked on 01326 341353.
Performance starts 7.30pm prompt.

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Thursday 1st December 7:30pmCafé Tolmen Open

The Changing Room


Tanya Brittain and Sam Kelly created The Changing Room just over two years ago, and have never looked back since. The band won all three categories of the 2015 International Pan Celtic Song Contest: Best Original Song (for Tanya’s shanty-style composition Row Boys Row), Best Traditional Song in a Celtic Language (for their rendition of Delyow Sevi which is on their new album), and Overall Winner. Sam and Tanya are the two constant members of The Changing Room, and the door is left open for the line-up of other musicians to change and evolve. The band’s five-piece touring line-up includes Jamie Francis on banjo, Evan Carson on percussion and Morrigan Palmer Brown on harp. They are now touring with their second album, Picking up the Pieces.

Venue opens at 6pm for meals which must be pre-booked on 01326 341353.
Performance starts 7.30pm prompt.

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