A Strange Wild Song

Rhum and Clay 

On Friday 8th March  Rhum and Clay Theatre bring us “A Strange Wild Song”.   Another  Edinburgh 2012 hit, this is by a young, Lecoq trained company rapidly making their way in modern theatre.    Watch out when you see the name Lecoq,  as graduates of the famous  French mime school have  been responsible for a number of our best ever shows – Hysteria, Translunar Paradise,  Pants on Fire, Dancing Brick  and 1927 all had connections there.

A Strange Wild Song is an elegiac piece based on a true story  – about a group of children in wartime France who befriend a wounded soldier.    It’s told via a present day find  of a cache of photographs in an attic, and the journey of discovery into his family history made by the finder.   It completely captivated us, with beautiful acting performances by the three prncipals (in many roles), absurdist humour,  stunning imagery,  and wonderful music played live just off stage.   Highly recommended for everyone.       Their website is rhumandclay.com where you can see details of their nationwide tour with this show.

Tickets £10, £8, £4

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