Tolmen Centre roof

Tolmen Centre roof

Work on the Tolmen Centre roof has now started. Scaffold is erected, slate work has been delivered and the roofers are on site. 

The Constantine Enterprise Company (CEC) would like to say an enormous thankyou to the following who have made it possible:  

  • Garfield Weston 
  • The Tanner Trust 
  • The Bernard Sunley Foundation 
  •  Power to Change/Locality 
  • The Tolmen Operating Company 
  • The Tolmen Crowdfunder Community 
  • Very many generous local, distant, and anonymous donors.

Tolmen Centre News

Hello all Tolmen supporters: WE ARE STILL HERE! The Tolmen is closed – furloughed – probably for the rest of 2020, but be sure we will be back when all this virus stuff is behind us – even if it needs a vaccination to get us there.

While we are closed down we are taking the chance to get the Roof renewal project under way.   We have just about scraped enough funding together to allow it to proceed  – driven by the immense energies of our Chairperson Tracey Clowes – and it makes sense to get it done during this period of forced closure.

In the meantime, have a read – and a laugh  – at this article from The Stage magazine by Ben Duke from LOST DOG DANCE about the joys of Rural Touring:

Those lucky enough to be at his two dance/theatre shows (Paradise Lost and Juliet and Romeo) will remember two of the best things we were lucky enough to attract to the Tolmen Centre. We get a nice mention too! Thanks Ben.

Also,  to remind yourself of things we have done pre-lockdown, browse through the listing of our past shows. You’ll be reminded of the amazing things we’ve managed to bring to Cornwall over the past 15 years.   

Theatre shows from  Kneehigh, Miracle, Pipeline, Theatre Adinfinitum, Paper Cinema, 1927 Theatre,  Luke Wright – among many:

And numerous equally amazing music shows – Ralph McTell and Wizz Jones, Talisk, The Budapest Cafe Orchestra, Peggy Seeger, all those Guitar Festivals a few years back. And countless Movies:   And Book Club events: And Art Exhibitions: And Cafe Tolmen  supporting all these.

Literally hundreds of performances. Far too many to list in fact.   

So we have the track record – the history. And we will need to make more history when we get the whole show on the road again after the pandemic.  It won’t be easy. We’ll need support. We’ll need new helpers as well as the old hands. But make no mistake – The Tolmen Centre will return to action. 

People like what we do. We like doing it. And perhaps the lovely Ben Duke – echoing Lyn Gardner – sees too what we know – that small scale venues, run by enthusiasts, serving their local communities, offer great future prospects for live performance in  remote – and not so remote –  places

Here’s to the reopening of The Tolmen Centre – whenever it happens

Charlie and Barbara and the Tolmen Team


Don’t forget to try your hand with our ‘Through the Window’ project.

All you have to do is create something – on paper or online – faintly linked to the big Tolmen Centre window. Then send it to the special email address shown below.

It’s hoped that this will lead to an outside exhibition in the Tolmen Centre porch in August and also on this website.

So join in and have a go! 

Tolmen Music in lockdown

Tolmen Music in lockdown

At the time of writing, it looks pretty certain that the Tolmen Centre won’t be open for events for the next few months at least. Entertainment venues look like being one of the last categories to be re-opened, and our relatively top-heavy (age wise) audience and management team will make it a particular challenge for us.

We are very sorry not to be bringing you three top acts that were planned for the summer. Two dynamic trios from Scotland – first Talisk, then supergroup Lau – were due to be followed by female American duo Madison Violet. 

We’ve tentatively accepted provisional rebookings for next year, but don’t forget that you can always find just about any artist on Youtube, Spotify or their own websites, to get a taste of what you’re missing!

Madison Violet

Spare a thought for the thousands of musicians and other members of the performing arts whose livelihoods are being devastated by the Covid-19 epidemic. Many of them have been posting recordings and live performances on the internet, some of them asking for donations for charity or towards their own living expenses, sometimes both.

Locally some of us have enjoyed Martha Tilston’s two live gigs from her front room, just a mile or so from the centre of our village. Martha’s music and her infectiously warm personality offer hope and joy in gloomy times, and if you missed her you should be able to catch up at

Martha Tilson

Another online concert (thanks for the tip, Sally H.!) can be found at This is no less than 7 hours of folk music from a wide range of performers, each performing in their front rooms. Among them are several who have performed at the Tolmen in the past, including John Boden, Martin Simpson, Bella Hardy, Peggy Seeger and Steve Knightley. Another artist featured is Kris Drever, one third of Lau. The online festival is raising funds for the Help Musicians charity, which is providing emergency grants to working musicians during the epidemic.

Keep listening to music, keep safe, and keep an eye out for better news in future.

Dougal Jeffries

Tolmen Restoration Project News

Tolmen Restoration Project News

Exactly one year on from the launch of Constantine’s Tolmen Centre ‘Love Me Restore Me’ campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the building’s roof, twenty-two windows, and carpark on February 14th 2019, phase one of the restoration project is complete. Thanks to a ‘National Lottery Community Fund’ grant of £10,000, and a grant from Cllr John Baston’s Community Chest fund of £700 there is now a car park which is not only safe to use but also compliments the original Victorian building.

Replacing the old tarmac surface was crucial it was becoming unsafe to walk across and was unsightly with its huge holes often full of rainwater. The replacement work began on Monday 16th December but being reliant on good weather for the new imprinted concrete surface to dry, has meant it has taken eight weeks to complete. Patience has paid off and we are thrilled with the final results.

After twenty years of ownership of the building the Constantine Enterprise Company have acknowledged that if this wonderful facility is to remain a prominent feature in 21st Century Constantine, some serious restoration must take place. It is a building used by so many groups in our village from Community choirs to Yoga groups, Wedding breakfasts and Wakes. It has been a part of village life since 1880 and we have a duty to make sure it remains so. With a full programme of high quality theatre and musical events, the Tolmen Centre’s reputation has now spread well beyond the County. Regular art exhibitions, a wonderful Museum and pre show café have all helped make it an oasis of culture in an isolated village area. Totally run by volunteers it provides so many opportunities, it would be such a loss if the building were not fit for purpose.

The fundraising team are now focused on phase two of the project (perhaps the most major) – the roof replacement, and with £32000 raised so far, hope in the near future to be successful in reaching the £55000 target with some further grant applications pending and generous donations from supporters. If and when, we ever get dry weather it is hoped phase three, the replacement /restoration of some of the windows with the £8000 generously donated by the Tanner Trust will commence.

Should you wish to volunteer at the centre, or donate towards the ongoing restoration please contact Tracey Clowes 01326 340279.