New and Selected Potatoes

John Hegley

In an ideal world, John Hegley would be mass-produced and sold in the shops. Not his books, they’re already out there, but the man himself. He’d cheer everyone up and distract you long enough to forget what you were bothered about.Whether it’s at his ludicrous drawings, silly join-in songs, or clever and unexpectedly structured poems, he hits the spot with all ages and brings in the laughs. If everyone could see life and each other through his glasses I bet the world would be a sweeter, safer, better and funnier place.

Tickets £12, £10, £5 Children from 9.

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Why you hurt the way you do and what you can do about it

Pain, Fascia and The Bowen Technique

A talk by world renowned functional anatomist Julian Baker

An informal amusing and entertaining evening exploring the emerging science of fascia and its role in how the body works.

Julian has been a Bowen teacher and Functional Anatomist for nearly 30 years and has treated and taught thousands of people all over the world.

Ticket donations to:
Doctors Without Borders

Contact info: 07516474605

William Dalrymple

Constantine Book Club Plus

Multi award-winning William Dalrymple is the bestselling author of many books including In Xanadu, White Mughals, and most recently his collaborative book, Koh-I-Noor. Born in Scotland he now lives in Delhi with his family. A ‘master story-teller’ his work is meticulously researched. This is a rare opportunity to hear him speak in Cornwall.

Tickets £5