Tolmen Centre nominated for West Briton WOCA Award!

Some kind soul has nominated us for the West Briton (WOCA) Awards as Best Theatre Venue in Cornwall. Obviously we are delighted and proud, though as the result will be determined mostly by ‘social media’ ie Facebook and Twitter which we don’t really understand or use, we haven’t a chance of winning – especially against The Hall For Cornwall and The Minack who are in a different league from us at The Tolmen Centre. We are community based, in a small village, run by volunteers – a minnow among venues. An honourable last place beckons!

However, we are proud of our record of promoting cutting edge theatre in Cornwall and being both careful and ambitious in what we put on. We also have a good record for having shows developed at our venue – no fewer than 13 companies in the last few years – from 1927, Theatre Adinfinitum, and Paper Cinema – nationally famous names – to most of the best known Cornish companies – Kneehigh, Miracle, Pipeline, Cscape and Cube amongst others have made work with us.

So if any folk  feel like whipping up a storm of support for us, the link to circulate for voting is copied below:…/story-26038450-det…/story.html 

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