1927 Theatre – Roots

A preview showing.

We need to know who we were, so we can imagine who we might be.

Acclaimed theatre company 1927 (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, The Animals and Children Took to the Streets) has unearthed a series of rarely told folktales that offer a glimpse into imaginations from a pre-industrialized age. Tyrannical ogres, magical birds, and very, very fat cats are brought to life with the company’s signature fusion of handcrafted animation and storytelling, with a live score. We are incredibly lucky to have this preview showing of their newest work before it premieres in America.

Please note that this is a first public showing of Roots, and as such has an element of ‘Work In Progress’ to it – it is a staging post towards its opening in America later in May. It won’t be quite the finished product , and there may be some rough edges – that’s inevitable in the process of bringing a complex stage work to completion. But we are delighted to ask our audience to share in this process, and get to see this new work so early in its evolution.

Tickets £10

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