The Tolmen Centre is available for all sorts of activities. Here are a few examples:

  • The downstairs area can be hired at very reasonable cost for events, parties, or meetings. The area can be divided into two or left as one big space, and is well equipped with tables, chairs and comfortable sofas, as well as having a modern kitchen with enough catering facilities for up to 100 people. At the back is a newly landscaped garden and patio area which allows your event to open out into the fresh air and a pleasant lawned area. There is disabled access to all areas. We also have a high quality film and projection system with a big screen and surround-sound capability. This can be used to show films or dvds, or to do business style presentations. If the event is a private function (ie, not open to the public) there are no licence implications, so village groups can screen films at very low cost as part of their activities.
  • Either the downstairs or the upstairs can be used for band or event rehearsals, or for such things as yoga, pilates or just for group meetings or classes. We already host Fitness Dance, Todlins, The Thursday Drama Group (more adults always welcome, but fully subscribed for youngsters) and the Community Choir sessions, but there is room for more. The rents are very reasonable.There is a small fiction library in the Centre where books can be borrowed and/or exchanged. We are hoping to arrange a regular daytime opening time for the Centre to allow access to this facility, which is free.
  • The Constant Times print facilities are available for hire for a range of printing services. We can’t actually do the printing for you, but there are computers with good software and a range of fast printers which can be used on a DIY basis by arrangement. The Constantine Museum is housed on one side of the Tolmen Centre. As well as the semi-permanent displays, there are archives of documents and photos, and, as important perhaps, the volunteer helpers have the expertise to help with all matters relating to village heritage.

The Tolmen Centre is a village facility entirely run by volunteers. It’s open to all, and everyone is welcome to make use of it. New ideas for events and activities are always welcomed. Call in when we are open, or phone on 01326 341353.

TC Downstairs
TC Garden
TC Upstairs


The performance area is 8.0m wide and 5m deep with a horseshoe frontage between two areas of side seating. The extreme side seat areas shown on the diagram have now been converted into rigid platforms either side which can be used for performance – for example to accommodate musicians or a narrator.

The main stage has full black backing drapes to three sides which can be opened or closed according to requirements, and there are accessible wings to each side, as well as a large backstage area.

The main stage has recently been raised by approximately 300mm (excluding the extreme front end of the horseshoe) and this area has black ‘joelmat’ stage flooring in an area 8.0m wide by 5m deep.

Rehearsal Space

We already welcome several of Cornwall’s best known theatre and dance companies who rehearse here and use the Tolmen Centre as a space to launch new shows. Subject to availability we are happy to allow the venue to be used by all groups – amateur and professional – and our charges are kept modest to encourage this.

Phone us or email to find out more.


The theatre space is on the first floor and is accessed up staircases on either side of the building. There is disabled access in the form of a stairlift. Changing, toilet and shower facilities are on the ground floor. We do not have a hearing loop.


The lighting rig now includes about 25 mixed Fresnel Parcan and Profile lanterns mountable on bars A-B and C-D with some extension bars. These are all controlled from a Zero88 Jester 12/24 channel programmable desk at the rear of the auditorium, with 12 dimmer channels feeding two sets of 6 15A sockets in the centre of AB and CD. There are dimmable houselights and a series of fixed floodlights controlled separately. There are also two portable tripod lighting rigs with their own dimmers ( Zero88 Alphapacks with a total of 6 channels) to allow lights to be mounted in alternative sites and linked by DMX to the light desk (or for use downstairs if needed).


There are two active RCF 312 Mk3  PA speakers with stands, which run from a large Allen and Heath mixer. A multicore cable of 16 channels links the sound desk at the rear of the auditorium to a feed point in the lefthand wing. We have a number of stage monitors, a separate large subwoofer, and several medium grade microphones. There are two sets of inexpensive radio mics (VHF) with optional headsets (not high quality and of variable reliability). There is also a Peavey 3000 Escort portable PA with its own passive speakers which can be sited anywhere. We retain the services of a professional sound engineer for events which need specialist expertise and/or equipment.


We have a powerful NEC 5200 lumen HD projector and several screens including a large (12’x 9’) portable screen and two retractable screens fixed in the downstairs spaces. The downstairs screening area has 5:1 surround sound. This allows the screening of movies from DVD and also provides facilities for mixed media productions.