Jake Walton and Tinkers Cuss

An evening of modern English folk music in aid of GNHCT, supporting orphan children in Africa.

Tickets £7.50, Children £4

Based in Cornwall Jake Walton is a unique singer songwriter who has toured extensively. Famed as a Celtic music pioneer he plays the guitar and hurdy gurdy. His music reflects both Cornish and Breton influences of Celtic myth and legend. Together with Tinker’s Cuss there will be a wide range of instruments and voices, both traditional and contempory. This will range from the slow and gentle to the more upbeat bluegrass.

This performance is in aid of GHNCT, a charity founded by Annette Montague-Thomas, a Cornish herbalist and qualified pharmacist.

The charity which is run from Truro, runs a clinic on a settlement in South Africa where the inhabitants live in abject poverty.  This was started in 2000 after Annette saw a programme about the suffering caused by the Aids/HIV pandemic in sub Saharan Africa.  She was so moved that she felt that she must do something about it and flew out and met officials from the Department of Health.

Following this she set up a clinic and an orphan’s reception centre to try to alleviate some of the suffering in one of the most impoverished areas in the world.

This is a free clinic in an area of 2,000,000 plus people.  There are now 15,000 patients and 13,000 babies and children being looked after in a foster care system.

By supporting this event not only will you be entertained but you will be supporting a worthwhile charity.

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