Near Gone

Two Destination Language

Two performers have a difficult story to tell.They come on stage and launch themselves into an hour long attempt to put into words the utterly unspeakable. Delivered in English and Bulgarian, with pounding gypsy-inspired music, this beautiful performance fills an empty space with two performers, hundreds of fresh flowers and a storm of emotion.

Near Gone won a 2014 Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Festival for Innovation, Experimentation and Playing With Form, and received numerous four and five star reviews.  The company are Artists in Residence at Salisbury Playhouse.

We saw this show in Edinburgh last summer and were entranced by it.   The combination of two completely watchable actors, two languages, a mesmerising telling of the story  (which several times explodes into a frenetic dance), the littering of the stage with hundreds of flowers, the whole show  grips you completely.  The images and effect remain with you long after the performance ends.  Apparently simple, but full of complexity, this is a piece of theatre which deserves its accolades.  Don’t miss this single performance in Cornwall on a nationwide tour.

“This is a difficult story to tell, performer Katherina Radeva warns us in Bulgarian through her translator and fellow performer, Alister Lownie, at the start of Near Gone.  She is not wrong.   Intimately exploring the themes of grief, loss and potential loss, the subject matter of Near Gone is not easy to talk about. However, Radeva and Lownie’s emotional story is told with great beauty, sensitivity and humour, creating art that is truly affecting, memorable and life-affirming”.

and Lyn Gardner said in The Guardian ‘Essential Theatre Picks’

“a winning heartfelt intensity…. a boon to the flower trade and to audiences too with its passionate, dance-filled look at the gulfs we cannot bridge”.

Alister and Katherina will host a short post-show discussion of some of the questions raised by the show.

Tickets £10, £8 Children £5

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