Pants on Fire

The Tolmen Centre and Pants on Fire Theatre Company invite you to attend an evening of Performance Puppetry and Music based on the company’s new show Pinnochio, followed with a discussion forum, on Saturday 23rd March at The Tolmen Centre starting at 7.30.

Pants on Fire is a multi award winning International theatre company based in London. They  create new, original, exciting, dramatically dynamic and visually brilliant high quality theatre.  Many will remember their show Ovid’s Metamorphoses which played at The Tolmen Centre in May 2011 – one of our best ever performances – which went on to runs in London and New York and won many awards.

The Company  are to undertake a short residency at The Tolmen Centre from 14th-23rd March – with the primary intention of developing the new show.      Originally this residency was planned to put the finishing touches Pinnochio, leading to a preview  of the end product.   However, events have conspired such that the show will be in its early or mid stages of development.

The performance will therefore be a   full-length  ‘work in progress’  showing which  will   involve some ‘script in hand’ performing,  some imaginative props and scenery,   as well as the detailed work  being created  during the week.   Because of this, and the way in which Pants on Fire  like to present their  work, they would   like to  make the showing more of an ‘event’,  encouraging the audience to feel part of the development  process.    They will  perform the songs from the show, the audience can meet the puppets and  generally explore the world of the play together. They  would then love to talk with the audience informally after the showing as any feedback at this stage would be really useful in taking the development forward.

Tickets for this show are FREE – but please reserve in the usual way by phone or email.  We will be asking for  contributions based on what you think its worth to cover the Tolmen Centre’s costs.

Café Tolmen will be open pre-show – please reserve for this as well so we have numbers.

We are very grateful to The Works and Venue Cornwall for financial help to allow this exciting residency to take place.

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