Police Cops

We’ve just heard that ‘THE PRETEND MEN’ have been involved in a serious traffic accident in London.   Several of the company have sustained injuries and as a result they have had to CANCEL Saturday’s performance of Police Cops at The Tolmen Centre.

Obviously Cafe Tolmen will also not be operating as there is no show.

If you have purchased tickets Online, you will receive a full refund from the Booking Agency

We will try to contact all the others who have reserved tickets by phone (unfortunately there are many of them) to let them know.

The Company are enormously sorry about this, they were looking forward to bringing the show to Cornwall, and we are planning to re-schedule the show for a date to be fixed in the summer.

We extend our sympathies to all The Pretend Men, wish them speedy recovery.

We are tremendously sorry for the inconvenience caused, but the circumstances are completely beyond our control.

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