Sarah Gillespie Trio

Anglo-American singer songwriter Sarah Gillespie has received critical acclaim for her 3 albums that mix elements of jazz, folk and blues with her trademark poetic lyricism. The Guardian’s jazz critique John Fordham describes Gillespie as “(joining) Bob Dylan’s lyrical bite and languid delivery to the forthrightness of Joni Mitchell, with a little rap-like percussiveness thrown in, she is an original.”

Playing tonight with renewed jazz composer Tom Cawley on piano and Ben Bastin on double bass, Gillespie will be performing a mix of songs from her new album ‘Glory Days’ as well as revisiting her back catalogue.

Tickets £9, £8

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‘Humorous impressionistic lyrics oscillate between the intimate and the infinite’
The Independent ★★★★
‘Vividly powerfully lyrics and  glorious melodies.
Rock n’ Real Magazine ★★★★★
‘Glory Days.. her best mix yet of hooky tunes and smart lyrics’.
Mojo ★★★★
‘Joni Mitchell/Melanie-esque voice, foot-tapping music, and captivating lyrics.’
BUZZ Magazine ★★★★★
‘The interplay between her acoustic guitar and Gilad Atzmon’s clarinet sparkles, and the words tumble out unstoppable and direct.’
The Financial Times ★★★★
‘Glory Days reveals Gillespie’s song writing to be as sharp and astute as ever and her poetic muse undimmed. It also charts her rise to prominence as an instrumentalist’.
The Jazz Mann ★★★★
Is she the new Joni Mitchell? PJ Harvey? Bob Dylan even? Mixing jazz-folk artistry and punk attitude, third album Glory Days (Pastiche) recalls all three in places but Gillespie’s spiky lyrical gift is utterly distinctive.
London METRO 

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