Steven Sogo and Hope Street

We are delighted to welcome back the amazing band Hope Street from Burundi led by Steven Sogo.   No-one who attended last year’s concert by this band – their first ever outside their home country – will forget the scenes as a full house of all ages simply stood up and danced – in the aisles, on the seats, and on stage – to the intensely natural but pulsating music delivered by Steven and Hope Street.   The tour went on to Womad and beyond, but we doubt if the atmosphere of that night could have been equalled!

They are back in UK for another visit to Womad and an extended tour – and their return visit to the Tolmen Centre promises another night to remember.    Tickets are still only £9 and £8 with children – and it was the kids who set it all going last year –  welcome at £4.


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