Tolmen Restoration Project News

Exactly one year on from the launch of Constantine’s Tolmen Centre ‘Love Me Restore Me’ campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the building’s roof, twenty-two windows, and carpark on February 14th 2019, phase one of the restoration project is complete. Thanks to a ‘National Lottery Community Fund’ grant of £10,000, and a grant from Cllr John Baston’s Community Chest fund of £700 there is now a car park which is not only safe to use but also compliments the original Victorian building.

Replacing the old tarmac surface was crucial it was becoming unsafe to walk across and was unsightly with its huge holes often full of rainwater. The replacement work began on Monday 16th December but being reliant on good weather for the new imprinted concrete surface to dry, has meant it has taken eight weeks to complete. Patience has paid off and we are thrilled with the final results.

After twenty years of ownership of the building the Constantine Enterprise Company have acknowledged that if this wonderful facility is to remain a prominent feature in 21st Century Constantine, some serious restoration must take place. It is a building used by so many groups in our village from Community choirs to Yoga groups, Wedding breakfasts and Wakes. It has been a part of village life since 1880 and we have a duty to make sure it remains so. With a full programme of high quality theatre and musical events, the Tolmen Centre’s reputation has now spread well beyond the County. Regular art exhibitions, a wonderful Museum and pre show café have all helped make it an oasis of culture in an isolated village area. Totally run by volunteers it provides so many opportunities, it would be such a loss if the building were not fit for purpose.

The fundraising team are now focused on phase two of the project (perhaps the most major) – the roof replacement, and with £32000 raised so far, hope in the near future to be successful in reaching the £55000 target with some further grant applications pending and generous donations from supporters. If and when, we ever get dry weather it is hoped phase three, the replacement /restoration of some of the windows with the £8000 generously donated by the Tanner Trust will commence.

Should you wish to volunteer at the centre, or donate towards the ongoing restoration please contact Tracey Clowes 01326 340279.

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